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At DO2, we bring your projects to life. With our vast inventory of industrial quality products, our welding equipment, our custom manufacturing service for industrial plants, our expert engineering teams and personalized support, you’ll be sure to find the perfect solution for your project.


Corporate vision, mission and values

Surrounded by a devoted team, DO2 is committed to the development of companies in the region and elsewhere. With their vast expertise in various branches of the industry, their diversity of services offered and qualified experts, DO2 provide their customers personalized support and impeccable after-sales service. DO2 have created a dynamic and balanced work environment and cares equally for both the satisfaction of their clients and employees.



With an established reputation, DO2 is also the worldwide leader in packaging output with their automatic packaging system, the DO2 Rapid Wrapper. It has been used in many large-scale plant modernization projects. Even today, they are well-renowned for the sale and distribution of welding products, propane equipment and various steel types. We have also been distributing Air Liquide products for over 60 years.


DO Contrôle was founded with a collaboration between DO2 and three engineers. The division specializes in industrial automation and control panel manufacturing, in addition to offering clients the option of complete turnkey projects.


DOwas bought by four promoters specialized in the field of industrial equipment manufacturing. The original service has since then been embellished by several innovations such as the DO Industriel component. Under the new banner, the company pursues the expansion of the industrial equipment manufacturing niche through the establishment of an engineering department and a technical consulting service.


Mr. Roland Boulanger created the company Dolbeau Oxygène, whose main activity is the sales of welding and steel products, in addition to repairing industrial equipment. Dolbeau Oxygène also manufactured boxes for dynamite during this time.


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