DO2 in Australia

17.10.2020 / Written by : Julie Perreault

DO2 started 2020 with an already full order book for several months.  On the other hand, the global pandemic has considerably slowed down all of our projects and more particularly the international one. That’s why today we are very proud to announce our two recent wrapper sales including one overseas.  DO2 has just completed an […]

A busy year 2019

10.02.2020 / Written by : Julie Perreault

The year 2019 has been very busy with several projects among others, one the field of logs. We would like to thank “Resolute Forest Products”, the managers of La Doré plant division and the DO2 team for this great success.  The implementation of this major project consisted of designing, manufacturing, intalling and starting up three […]

What a success!!!

13.11.2018 / Written by : Julie Perreault

Our automated lumber packaging system is making its way around the globe, with installations on 3 different continents. Our wrapping machine comes in many models with options that can be adapted to suit your needs, whether it’s for sawn lumber, OSB, or engineered wood. 2018 was an exceptionally fantastic year and 2019 is set to […]

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